Adaptive, web-based learning environments in geography education – A study for deducing methodological-didactical design principles in the context of remote sensing didactics

Vera Fuchsgruber, M. Sc.
First advisor: Prof. Dr. Alexander Siegmund


Methods in remote sensing show a growing importance in various application fields in science and professional practice. Increasing spatial and spectral resolutions of remote sensing data that are more often freely available contribute to this development. This great potential of remote sensing data also applies to the application in schools and is documented in the National Educational Standards for Geography as well as in an increasing amount of curricula in Germany’s federal states. Despite that potential, the application in schools is still hesitant. To support the application of remote sensing in geography classes, a web-based, adaptive learning environment is developed in the Department of Geography. On this platform, students can work independently on curricula-relevant geographic and environmental questions.

The dissertation project aims at the scientifically sound development of learning modules within the adaptive learning environment. Educational Design Research is an appropriate research approach for the development of learning and teaching materials. This approach scientifically accompanies the development of the platform. Users (students and teachers) and experts (researchers in geography and geography education) are involved in the process to guarantee the methodological quality and applicability in school practice. Besides the developed innovation (here: the learning platform), a second goal of the research approach is the formulation of designs principles. Those are theories that can be applied in future developments of adaptive, web-based learning platforms, especially in the context of remote sensing didactics.


Depiction of the research approach Educational Design Research (Reeves, 2006) 


Project start: 2014

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