Dr. Anne Schneibel




office: Czernyring 22/11-12, room 403
phone: +49.6221.477.772
fax: +49.6221.477.769








since 09/2017


Research associate at Heidelberg University of Education

10/2011 – 08/2017


Research assistant and PhD student, Department for Environmental Remote Sensing and Geoinformatics, University of Trier

PhD thesis: Assessment of ecosystem service provision in a dry tropical forest environment. Using the full Landsat archive to determine trade-off processes in south-central Angola

10/2005 – 09/2011


Studies of “Environmental Sciences”, University of Trier
Degree: diploma

Diploma thesis: Mapping functional plant communities in fire-affected ecosystems using multi-temporal Landsat data

10/2004 – 09/2005


Studies of  “Environmental Sciences” at Heriot-Watt University Edinburgh







Focus of Research                                                 


  • Optical remote sensing
  • Land use dynamics
  • Dry ecosystems
  • Ecosystem services






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2018 Matusch, T., Schneibel, A., Dannwolf, L., Siegmund, A.
Implementing a Modern E-Learning Strategy in an Interdisciplinary Environment - Empowering UNESCO Stakeholders to Use Earth Observation
In: Geosciences, 8 (12), 432
2018 Schneibel, A., Röder, A., Stellmes, M., Frantz, D.
Long-term land use change analysis in south-central Angola. Assessing the trade-off between major ecosystem services with remote sensing data
In: Biodiversity & Ecology, 6, S. 360-367
2017 Röder, A., Schneibel, A.
Nahrungsmittelproduktion versus Nachhaltigkeit - Nutzungskonflikte im Okavango-Einzugsgebiet Angolas
In: Praxis Geographie, H. 3, S. 38-44
2017 Schneibel, A., Frantz, D., Röder, A., Stellmes, M., Fischer, K., Hill, J.
Using Annual Landsat Time Series for the Detection of Dry Forest Degradation Processes in South-Central Angola
In: Remote Sensing, Jg. 9, S. 905
2017 Schneibel, A., Stellmes, M., Röder, A., Kowalski, B., Haß, E., Frantz, D., Hill, J.
Spatio-temporal changes of smallholder cultivation patterns in the Angolan Miombo belt assessed by using segmentation of Landsat time series
In: Remote Sensing of Environment, Jg. 195, S. 118-129
2016 Schneibel, A., Stellmes, M., Röder, A., Finckh, M., Revermann, R., Frantz, D., Hill, J.
Evaluating the trade-off between food and timber resulting from the conversion of Miombo forests to agricultural land in Angola using multi-temporal Landsat data
In: Science of The Total Environment, Jg. 548, 549, S. 390-401
2015 Röder, A., Pröpper, M., Stellmes, M., Schneibel, A., Hill, J.
Assessing urban growth and rural land use transformations in a cross-border situation in Northern Namibia and Southern Angola
In: Land Use Policy, Jg. 42, S. 340-354
2013 Schneibel, A., Stellmes, M., Revermann, R., Finckh, M., Röder, A., Hill, J.
Agricultural expansion during the post-civil war period in southern Angola based on bi-temporal Landsat data
In: Biodiversity & Ecology, Jg. 5, S. 311-319


14.05.2019 Redlich, R., Schumacher, J., Scheckel, S., Schneibel, A., del Rio, C., Siegmund, A.
A multi-scale model for the detection and structure description of fog geo-ecosystems in the Chilean-Peruvian coastal desert
In: ESA Living Planet Symposium, Mailand, 13. – 17.05.2019.
03.10.2017 Schneibel, A., Röder, A., Stellmes, M., Frantz, D., Hill, J.
Using the Landsat archive to assess land cover change in a dry tropical forest environment.
In: Vortrag auf dem Deutschen Kongress für Geographie (DKG) 2017 im Rahmen der FS "From Space to Place" Tübingen, 29.09.-04.10.2017
17.06.2015 Schneibel, A., Stellmes, M., Röder, A., Finckh, M., Revermann R., Hill J.
Evaluation of Agricultural Expansion and Fallow Regeneration in Southern Angola
In: European Association of Remote Sensing Laboratories (EARSeL), Temporal Analysis of Satellite Images, 17.-19. Juni 2015, Stockholm
28.09.2015 Schneibel, A., Stellmes, M., Röder, A., Finckh, M., Revermann R., Hill J.
Temporal and spatial evaluation of agricultural expansion and fallow regeneration in Southern Angola with Landsat data
In: AK Subsaharisches Afrika, 27.-28. November 2015, Köln
2014 Schneibel, A., Stellmes, M., Röder, A., Finckh, M., Revermann R., Hill J.
Post-civil war assessment of the ecosystem services crop and tree growth with remote sensing data in southern Angola
In: GLP-OSM Land Transformations: Between Global Challenges and Local Realities, 19.-21. März 2014, Berlin
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