Fog research team presents about fog as a resource at DNI Academy Seminar

On September 11th, 2023, The DesertNet International Seminar titled "Fog as a sustainable water resource in the Atacama Desert: multiscale fog climate research in one of the aridest places on Earth" took place. During this event, Prof. Dr. Alexander Siegmund and PhD Student MSc. Juan Carlos Pastene from Heidelberg University of Education and Heidelberg University gave a presentation on the importance of fog as a sustainable water resource in the Atacama Desert.

The seminar highlighted the significance of fog in arid desert regions, particularly in coastal deserts where rainfall is unpredictable. The discussion also touched upon the global issue of water scarcity and emphasized the critical role of the small amount of water vapor in the atmosphere as a potential source of drinking water. Furthermore, a case study and a proposal for implementing large-scale fog collectors in various communities in northern Chile were presented. Future perspectives regarding fog as a water resource emphasized the importance of involving local communities in project development and addressing governance and water rights concerns.

DesertNet International is a non-governmental, non-profit scientific association dedicated to generating and enhancing knowledge and understanding of the biophysical and socio-economic processes associated with drylands, of which the Department of Geography (rgeo) has been a long-standing member. This platform serves as a scientific network-based discussions and the exchange of ideas, responding to the demand for assessments and information needs while translating knowledge into accessible language to raise public awareness about desert concerns, its costs, and its implications beyond drylands.

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