YCHANGE - Young Scientists as Change Explorers

Prof. Dr. Alexander Siegmund

Remote sensing data such as satellite imagery or high-resolution orthophotos are of high value for science and business with respect to a broad range of applications and research topics. However, these kinds of data are still rarely used in Geography education.The main aim of the project YCHANGE is to close this gap via an international cooperation on European level. Thus, the project intends to

Within the frame of the project, innovative didactical modules for teaching and learning are provided and conducted. They introduce the high potential of remote sensing data with respect to school education and enhance individual and research-oriented learning. The participating pupils conduct own analyses based on modern remote sensing data such as the imagery provided by ESA within the Copernicus program. The pupils’ research projects and results are subsequently published via the project web platform https://www.ychange.eu/, which offers the following functionalities:

Via the project YCHANGE, a pool of public datasets and analysis results will be established which comprises environmental research projects covering different study areas in Europe. Furthermore, teachers receive training in order to generate multipliers with skills in remote sensing software. The multiplier training units base on the online remote sensing platform “Focus remote sensing” (http://www.blif.de), and also convey practical skills to design and conduct student projects which focus on human-environmental interaction.

The YCHANGE project aims will be tackled by a scientific examination of the submitting students and trained multipliers within the frame of a pretest posttest design, considering project and training as relevant interventions with respect to remote sensing competences and awareness regarding human-environmental interaction and environmental change in a European context.

The project YCHANGE is a cooperation of Charles University Prague, Tallinn University, University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland, and Heidelberg University of Education.

The project is funded by the European Union (ERASMUS+) und Swiss Foundation for the promotion of Exchange and Mobility (movetia).

Funding period: 2017-2018

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