Dana Graulich, M.Sc.

office: Czernyring 22/10-12, room 448

phone: 06221.477.798
fax: 06221.477.769
current position: Research Assistant
projects: Facing Local Climate Change (Klim:ReAction)

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2016 Graulich, D. M., Kaiser, S., Sachser, N., Richter, H.
Looking on the bright side of bias – Validation of an affective bias test for laboratory mice
In: Applied Animal Behaviour Science, Jg. 181, S. 173 – 181
2016 Loretto, M.-C., Reiman, S., Schuster, R., Graulich, D. M., Bugnyar, T.
Shared space, individually used: spatial behaviour of non-breeding ravens (Corvus corax) close to a permanent anthropogenic food source
In: Journal of Ornithology, Jg. 157, S. 439 - 450


2021 Graulich, D.M., Schärling, R., Kuthe, A., Fiene, C., Siegmund, A.
Young People and Their (Mis)conceptions on Climate Change Adaptation
In: Leal Filho, W., Luetz, J., Ayal, D.: Handbook of Climate Change Management
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