Taye Bayode, M. Sc.

office: Czernyring 22/10-12, room 420
phone.: +49 6221.477.780
fax: +49 6221.477.769
Since 10/2018 Research assistant, Department of Geography, University of Education, Heidelberg
09/2019- 09/2018 International Summer School Spatial Epidemiology, Institute of Geography,  Humboldt University, Berlin
08/2018- 08/2018 The CODATA-RDA Research Data Science Summer School, International Centre for Theoretical physics, Italy
03/2013 – 04/2015 

Master of Science, Urban and Regional Planning, Federal University of Technology, Akure, Nigeria

Master Thesis: An Appraisal of Water Based Transportation System in the Coastal Areas of Lagos State

08/2006 – 09/2011 

Bachelor of Technology, Urban and Regional Planning, Federal University of Technology, Akure, Nigeria

Bachelor Thesis: Selection of Waste Disposal Site Using Geographic Information Systems

Focus on Research: 
  • Tropical disease propagation
  • Data Science
  • Spatial analysis (statistics)
  • South-western Nigeria
  • Childhood malaria

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2022 Bayode, T. Siegmund, A.
Social determinants of malaria prevalence among children under five years: A cross-sectional analysis of Akure, Nigeria
In: Scientific African, Vol. 16, S. 1-11
2022 Bayode, T.T., Popoola, A.,Akogun, O.,Siegmund, A., Magidimisha-Chipungu, H., Ipingbemi, O.
Spatial variability of COVID-19 and its risk factors in Nigeria: A spatial regression method
In: Applied Geography, Jg. 138
2014 Bayode, T.
Selection of Waste Disposal Site in Akure Using Geographic Information Systems
In: South-Eastern European Journal of Earth Observation and Geomatics 3, No. 2S

Beiträge in Konferenzbänden

2018 Bayode, T., Siegmund, A.
Spatial Distribution of Childhood Malaria Incidence in Akure, Nigeria: Spatial Methods for Risk Modelling
10. Humboldtsteiner Tage: Jahrestagung des AK Medizinische Geographie. September 27- 29, 2018, Remagen bei Bonn


25.09.2018 Bayode, T., Siegmund, A.
Towards Improvement of Childhood Malaria Through Spatial Planning in Akure, Nigeria: A Spatial Risk Modelling Approach for Population Health Promotion.
In: Vortrag auf derJahrestagung des AK Medizinische Geographie 2018, 27-29.09.2018, Remagen bei Bonn
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