Development of a learning circle and mobile experiments within the framework of the “Expedition N” (ExpeditionN@school)

Dr. Christina Fiene, Dr. Alexandra Siegmund, Prof. Dr. Alexander Siegmund

Sustainability is one of the most frequently used terms of our time. And sustainable development is regarded as a solution of various challenges such as climate change, consumption of resources or demographic change. But what do we mean by “sustainability”? It is the goal of the program to answer this question.

The Expedition N-Truck is a multimedia exhibition, a forum for dialogue and events center rolled into one. With its help across the federal state education and information events on sustainability are brought to the broad public, in order to – in a dialogue –  foster the competence for sustainable action in everyday life of the people of Baden-Wurttemberg. The expedition truck stops for example in schools and universities - to raise especially teenagers’ and young adults’ awareness for sustainability.

Within the project, the following key activities are planned:


Project start: 08/2012


Choose your language: deutschenglish

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