Facing climate change on site (Klim:ReAction)

Dr. Christina Fiene, M.Sc. Dana Graulich, Dr. Fiona Rochholz, Prof. Alexander Siegmund


The development of sustainable adaptation strategies to the already inevitable consequences of climate change, combined with the goals in climate mitigation is one of the key social challenges in Germany.  Additional to the scientific debate, involvement of the public is an essential element of a successful social transformation.  This applies in particular for young people in their dual role as both future stakeholders and social actors. Therefore, raising awareness and civic participation in the context of climate adaptation must be equally considered in a “Sustainable Digitisation”.  

Based on the development of simulated 3-D "look into the future", the project’s goal is to create a media network combining existing approaches of digital environmental education and participation in the context of climate change in an innovative way.  

An integrated app provides information about climate change based on the user’s location. Furthermore, information and recommendations for regional climate adaptation is given. Users can actively take part in climate change monitoring, development and implementation of adaptation measures by documenting and reporting climate change specific phenomena in Baden-Württemberg. In this way, the media network is open for a location-based use and provides nationwide information. 



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