Facing climate change interactively (Kli:b) 

 Dr. Christina Fiene, Dr. Fiona Rochholz, M.Sc. Franziska HauchProf. Alexander Siegmund


Adaptation to already inevitable consequences of climate change is increasingly gaining attention in science and society not just due to the release of the German Adaptation Strategy in 2008. In this context, young people in particular, who will be affected in the future, but will also be the social actors of tomorrow, must be encouraged at an early stage to identify climate-related risks and develop measures for sustainable climate adaptation. In this respect the regionally differentiated consequences of climate change as well as the vulnerability of different natural regions and cultural areas in Germany must be mapped. 
In view of the above, the goal of the project "Facing climate change interactively (Kli:b)" is to develop an interactive, digital learning environment (serious game) to show the consequences of climate change on the basis of spatially differentiated climate scenarios as well as different adaptation strategies. In order to face these risks, differentiated adaptation strategies for various regions in Germany have to be developed and simulated in the serious game considering different landscape types in an ecologically, but also economically and socially balanced manner.

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